Where Did the Gift Go?

Where Did the Gift Go by Ricky Roberts III (ISBN 9781606963876)

Book Review by Sheri Kaye Hoff

In Ricky Roberts’ book, Where Did The Gift Go, one is reminded of the preciousness of life and that life itself is the gift.

Roberts discusses how people go through life seeking distractions, but the important piece is to be here now, be present focused, and appreciate the gift of life. The book is filled with timeless thoughts on the value of stillness, reflecting on how we are all connected, and acceptance of people and their differences. Roberts’ speaks of his faith, but does not come off as “preachy” and he does not claim to have the answers. 

Simplicity permeates the pages as one is asked to reflect on the big questions of life regarding purpose. Robert’s writes in straightforward/ no-nonsense language with examples.  He is quick to point out when material things become the focus- rather than true soul- purpose.   I completely see the author in this work-his voice rings true to who he is- and there is a clear sense of his individual life journey. 

Coach Sheri,


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A., C.G.C.L.

The Global Living Joyfully Every Day Coach

Life Coach, Author, and College Professor


Keys to Living Joyfully

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