Love Your Self to Success

Founder of My Life Coach, Coach Michele Caron and Life Coach and Author Sheri Kaye Hoff are thrilled to announce an exciting new group coaching program.

We know the pain of an unhealthy body-image/self-image, and we also know the transformative success that comes from learning to love the self.  With two coaches leading this program, plus a group of brilliant women such as yourself, we are going to create a lot of love, energy, wisdom and positive change.

This program is for women that are DONE with…

  • Feeling bad about yourself
  • Feeling the pain of wanting to look another way
  • Crash diets, unhealthy and unrealistic eating plans
  • Wasting energy on fitting some impossible ideal model of beauty
  • Blocking love from others by not loving the self
  • Holding yourself back from your own joy and success

What happens when you look in the mirror?

  • Do you automatically think loving thoughts or do you start a mental checklist with everything that is wrong or needs to change? 

Has your body image ruled your life?

  • Does it get in the way of your true self…your success and joy that you were meant to have?

Have you been struggling with thinking of yourself as less than perfect?

Do the words love yourself seem impossible for you? 

You know that something needs to change…you weren’t meant to live a life battling with your body. 

What would it look like if you suddenly woke up one morning and felt appreciation and love for yourself…your whole self? 

In the 8 week Love Yourself to Success Coaching Program, Coach Michele and Coach Sheri will lead you to a more loving approach for your body and your life which feeds all areas of success:  Career, relationships, money, spirituality and health. 

In This Powerful Program, We Will Learn: 

Everything good comes from love first

*Awareness that it is love that fuels the energy of life

*Love opens the way for good to come into your life 

Trusting Self and Letting go

*Develop trust in giving your body what it needs/ Cultivate your intuition

*Let go of the senseless and cruel mind chatter that we feed ourselves regarding our body

*Let go of the idea that there is something wrong with our bodies (you were made perfect!) 

Push vs. Pull

*Recognize resistance that is blocking love, success, and joy

*Discover the struggling that is making you fat!

Gentleness and Living in the Flow

*Create a gentle attitude towards yourself – Allowing your true self to emerge

*Let your creativity and purpose unfold in your life and be inspired through deep intrinsic motivation. 

Visualization/Meditation/Affirmation/Journaling Techniques

*Get Coach Michele’s and Coach Sheri’s best meditation, visualization, affirmations, and journaling techniques for loving yourself to success 

How Forgiveness Fits In

*Open yourself to love by forgiving yourself and others

*Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself

*Forgiveness techniques

*Feel the forgiveness 

Clarity Regarding Vision/Goals that Comes from Loving the Self

*Blocks and limiting beliefs fall away

*Benefits of clarity

*Creating your life vision from love 

What Happens in Life When we Love Ourselves

*Loving yourself creates a direct channel to success in any area

*Love others fully when you first love yourself

*Be healthy by loving yourself

*Grow spiritually – when you love yourself you are honoring Spirit 

The program starts May 17 and runs for 8 sessions – every Monday night at  5 pm PST/8pm EST (we will not hold class on May 31- Memorial Day).

You can sign up for this life transforming 8 week Loving Yourself to Success program today for $397 USD.

Love Yourself to Success $397 – Click Here to Join

As a special bonus for signing up for this program, you’ll get Coach Michele’s Life Coaching Intentions eCourse…With a 30 Day Intentions Program, Intentional Living Journal, Journal Refill Pages and 99 Bonus Intentions.

This is a great opportunity to positively change your relationship with your body, and truly love yourself to success.  

**** Love Yourself to Success $397 – Click Here to Join ****


Coach Michele and Coach Sheri

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