Next Top Author Contest: Help my friend Michelle

Help My friend Bright Michelle achieve one of her dreams by taking a moment to cast your vote for her in the Next Top Author contest:

This is why Michelle writes:

Why I write by Michelle Casto
I write because I can not NOT write.  It spills from my soul.
I write to express myself and most of all I write to discover what I think.
Since choosing to enter into the Next Top Spiritual Author contest, I have been led to begin work on the subject of all subjects:  DESTINY. 
What is it?  How can we fulfill it?  How much free will is ours over the creation of our own lives?

Honestly, the work will take me where I need to go, and not the other way around.  I may have an inkling of where I think I want to go, and so many times, the writing daimon will surprise (and sometimes Taunt me) with twists and turns of thoughts I am not even aware are within me, until that magical moment of discovery.

It’s been said that the questions demonstrate the intelligence of a person, and I think that especially true for a good writer….they need to be filled with more questions ??? than answers when they begin their descent into the underworld of a possible Truth.

If you have enjoyed some of my writing, would be so kind as to give me your vote by going to (You can vote for one person, per round, and there are 3 rounds).  

Here is an excerpt from Michelle Casto’s book: The Destiny Decision:  Integrating Choice and Grace on Your Sacred Path of Purpose (release date Jan 2011)
Whatever you desire in your heart, align your consciousness with it, and you shall experience it.

Living your destiny comes from consciously walking your sacred path in the light of your own Truth.  Go where God leads you and when you feel like who me say “Yes, Me!  for I am a powerful creator and with God, all things are possible.”

In simple terms, fulfillment of Destiny is a life that works for you—even with it has its ups and downs, you know at a deep level that each relationship, each stumble, each risk, each opportunity, each win, each loss, each mis-step is a guide for you to find your rightful place in the world. 
You see and know yourself to be the hero or heroine of your own life story.
How to vote (in just takes a moment!)

  1. Review the page and listen to the audio to see if you resonate.
  2. If you do, register your name and email.
  3. Confirm your email
  4. Then return to this link to cast your vote

***your vote may be the one that helps Michelle advance to round 2!

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