Grow Your Online Coaching Business

If you want to jumpstart your online coaching business- here are a few tips:

Create a blog (even if you don’t have a website yet). I like that way you can start getting your message out in Social Media by posting links to your blog articles.

On your website- be sure to have your picture (helps create a connection to you, your warmth, your personality).

On your homepage of your website- be sure to  have an optin box (in order to have an optin you need some sort of database program- I use for your newsletter. Also be sure to offer some type of gift when they opt in (ebook download, mp3 etc)- you can look at my web page for an example  People, now, rarely opt in for just a newsletter- unless of course- you are Oprah.

Offer once a month free teleclasses with real content (not just selling) at the end offer a product or free session- very soft sell.

Partner with other great people (guest interviews, telesummits, etc) See my telesummit example at

Be active on twitter, facebook, linkedin- create relationships-then invite people to your free events. (Hear an audio on using twitter here:

Follow this steps and you will soon be building a strong online presence. Remember to be generous with your spirit, your connections, and your offerings. When people see that you always offer the highest value- you begin to grow your business.


Coach Sheri

Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A.
Life Coach, Author, College Professor
The Global Living Joyfully Everyday Coach
Author of Keys to Living Joyfully 

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